homepage_imageWelcome to Optoscribe – 3D waveguide technology for optical communications.

The hurdles often associated with the adoption of new technologies are overcome by using our flexible, high performance waveguides. We provide innovative products that are set to revolutionise the optical communications network and help shape the future.

Our accurate 3D embedded waveguides allow the fabrication of devices that are impossible to produce using solely planar technologies, opening new possibilities and integration scenarios.

We use proven and tested manufacturing processes to enable simple volume scalability and ensure that our products are designed to meet the needs of the telecommunications markets.

Our 3D Optofan Series and 3D MMux Photonic Lantern combine multiple components into a single platform to enable high throughput, low insertion loss and a broad flat spectral response over telecoms bands. This leads to the transmission of high data rates, decreased footprint and reduced assembly costs, for both short and long haul communications.

Our products are compatible with Single Mode Fiber (SMF), Multimode Fiber (MMF), Multicore Fiber (MCF) and Few Mode Fiber (FMF) technologies

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Optoscribe – Leading the 3D Light Revolution.